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Poser Bloggers!!!

Apparently bloggers are posers! Imagine my amusement on hearing this from a person who did not know that I somehow humbly feature in that category of people! It was just hillarious! Unbelievable even!!!

It made me wonder what the deal is though? Why is this particular 'group' of people labelled so and is it not just another case of stereotyping?

So I asked what they would say if me in the event that somehow I belong to this category of people.

"There's no way in hell you can be a blogger!" so he retorted!

Hehehehe, I of course couldn't control my urge to laugh.

There's no point in stereotyping people because one way or the other, stereotypes are never completely accurate. They just prey on the small sample space that is classified as statistics which more often than not are based on not so significant interaction.

That is not to say people should not have opinions, just that they should not throw every one under the bus of generalisation because they heard from someone about a thing. Keep an open mind, people will surprise you when you get to know them as individuals outside of your 'mental expectation.'

Don't lock your very capable mind down and close yourself up to what would otherwise be beautiful. Life is short, it's for living and most definitely for loving! Enjoy it while it lasts!!! Don't stereotype!!!


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