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Difference of Opinion?

I woke up to the reality of #UgBlogWeek being here again and I’m super excited. This quarter tackles Freedom of expression. How cool is that?

This ‘freedom’ that has recently proved elusive to us as a Country!

I often wonder what is so scary about a difference of opinion that causes such a bizarre reaction as to shut down the whole of social media. I mean, even without being too political about anything, by virtue of our individuality as human beings, no two people can agree on all things all the time!

That’s entirely impossible! Not even identical twins, with the same DNA will share similar opinions on all matters concerning life. So, why do people take it so personal when you have a difference of opinion?

Is it that they consider it an attack on their intellect or is it just some kind of unmatched human insecurity? The notion of rejection because one’s opinion has not been received with open arms!

I really am just speculating based on my innocent observations of human interaction.

I know people who will walk away from a perfectly good friendship because of the constant difference of opinion between them and the other person. So much that they launch an image-tainting campaign against the other. But all for what?!

Protection of opinion; really?! Opinion which is so fickle and prone to change cannot be the validation for such unbecoming behavior!

It really is simple, I think. If people can just realize that unless otherwise, people mean no disrespect in airing their thoughts, we’ll make a big leap in the right direction concerning human relationships.

One’s demeanor in receiving criticism of their opinion will set the tone for pretty much all their interactions in life; be it personal, business, casual or whichever else and let’s face it, no one likes a person who takes things too personal!

So, do you have a difference of opinion with anyone? Most probably, yes! Man up, put on your big boy panties and stop being such a brat about it!


Ekibi our opinions mean a great deal to us.
5ive Wads said…
That is so true; our opinions are law to us.

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