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How Deep The Father's Love For Us.

I was reading a few of my older writes and it was intriguing both to concur and disagree with things I had written way back when. It highlighted how my opinions have changed over the years and the different seasons of change I have walked in. I could very easily tell what I was going through based on the tone of my 'pen'.

In some seasons, I was sad and even depressed. In others, happy and blissful. And then there were the seasons of detachment; when I just didn't care that much about anything. When what came came and what didn't, didn't. It just was what it was.

How fleeting human emotion can be. One day something seems to be of utmost importance and before you know it, it has faded into the endless fog of oblivion. Just like the many things that came before it.

I know we have all found ourselves at points in our lives where what seemed so important in the past does not even feature at the bottom of our list of important things. And sometimes, it's even the people…

Sex God's Way Is Underrated!