Sunday, May 1, 2016

Consuming Fire!

I was seating through a Physics class and the Teacher was talking about the expansion of solids versus liquids. And the logic was atomic response to heat. When you apply heat to atoms of a solid, they start to vibrate and with more heat applied, the more intense the vibrations in the solid hence its expansion.

The more heat you apply, the faster the vibrations and if heat is applied to melting point, the atoms in the solid begin to disengage and go in their own direction.

For the record, I’m only but paraphrasing- it’s more serious than this.

It however got me thinking about being a Christian and what it takes. We have been placed as heaters of the world- literally. We are placed in the world to be an agent of change. This however is where it becomes interesting.

By ourselves, we are just like that solid- dormant. We can do nothing by ourselves. However, when ignited by the fire of the Spirit of God, our lives start to respond like the atoms. Every sphere of our life is figuratively an atom that potentially can be set ablaze by this heat.

Unfortunately, we many times want to determine what parts of our lives get touched by the heat of the fire- which is not how it works. As long as the heat is applied, every atom by default will respond to this stimulus.

The only way that the atoms break off and start their independent journey is when they have been heated to melting(read disengaging) point.

In other words, for us to be of any lasting influence on the world, the fire of refining must go through every single area of our lives and activate us as change agents. As agents capable of influencing a cold dying world!

Have you allowed the spirit of God to deal with you beyond your place of comfort?


Subtle Royalty said...

I love this 'Physics lesson'. Nicely put.

Isaac said...

A very nice, short and resourceful read.

5ive Wads said...

Thank you for 'socking' me up awesome people.
I appreciate the read @Subtle Royalty.
@Isaac, short indeed. Thanks for passing through!