Saturday, January 12, 2008


My heart feels you are the one
my mind thinks you are the one
my subconscious is sure you are the one
yet a part of me does not acknowledge you as the one.

Not because of any flaws
no! infact you are the closest i have seen to perfection
not because of my feelings
no! although they have not yet been defined.

First i thought it was a crush
then it changed to like
consequently what i feared happened
it grew into love.

Now i beat around the bush
cause despite the fact that this feeling is beautiful
it scares me to think
the outcome could be ugly.

But someday, maybe one day
when my doubts and fears phase out
i will come to you. yes, i will surely come to you
and totally believe that you are the one. c

I actually write poetry and 5ive is my pseudonym. Afriend of mine asked me to publish this as on of my posts and voila, here it is. yes more are on the way.


Ivan is a friend who i so recently acquired. My goodness, he is so amazingly the true description of a friend. His counsel which is pure, undefiled and just springs from his heart and totally reminds me of the word of God saying out of our bellies shall flow streams of living water. I could go on about this amazing free spirit but for now i will just continue to bles the Lord for him cuz he is a rare gem.

Anyhow now down to the real issue. I have a friend who has been in what i call a bad relationship for quite some time and she is so totally afraid to let go of it. Her condition is what has caused me to write about the whole idea of bad relationships. I like to think of bad relationships like bad teeth. They are totally uncomfortable and the longer you keep them the more pain you put yourself through. Even the painkillers we take to soothe the pain wear off and before long you are back to square one with more pain.

The only solution to a bad tooth is a visit to the dentist who either takes out the bad tooth or kills the feeling in the nerve endings. When the dentist takes out a bad tooth, yes you retain a scar but on the brighter side the tooth is out and so is the discmofort.

When you are involved in a relationship gone bad, irregardless of all the reasons you might have to hold onto it, let it go. Many hold onto the memories of all the good times they shared but like pain killers memories only soothe the pain for a while. If you continually hold onto those beautiful memories, they will cost you your happiness which is not worth it at all. Either way more bad than good will result from the relationship you can not let go of. However if you could let it go, you will free yourself from worry, stress, depression and anxiety and yes, that wound will heal and consequently the scar will fade away.

What if the dentist just killed the nerve endings? That is compromise my dear and many people in bad relationships keep trying to convince themselves that things will get better. On a scale of one-ten, probability is that two point three of every bad relationship MIGHT improve. Now if you asked me, that is too shallow for one to take their chances.

Instead of holding on to what could have been or is likely to be, let it go and await what is yet to be. Like they say you never know what you have till you lose it, you also never know whats in store for you till it arrives. If the relationship does not build you in more ways than one, cut yourself some slack and move on.

Lastly don't beat yourself up about what never was but look up, be optimistic and believe that what is about to come your way is in many ways much more better than what you left.