Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Yesterday I was thinking about this whole sexiness craze that seems to have our entire generation by the neck. Yes, even the men. These days men will wear make up to look a certain way… I mean, really?
Maybe it would help to first define the word sexy


1.       sexually attractive or exciting.
"sexy French underwear"
sexually attractive, seductive, desirable, alluring, sensual, sultry, slinky, provocative,
tempting, tantalizing; More
sexually aroused.
"neither of them was feeling sexy"
(sexually) aroused, sexually excited, amorous, lustful, passionate; More
I got that definition off google. Do you notice how lustful is listed as a synonym for sexy?

It is agreed that we are sexual beings and that sexual feelings are entirely normal. We have been created sexual beings. You don’t believe me: ask the pregnant mad woman in your village.

How did she end up that way? Did she dress ridiculously and hawk her goodies on the road; I highly doubt that!

If we have been made sexual beings, do we need to go the extra step and accentuate those features for whoever cares to see? And when snide remarks are aimed at us, do we still reserve the right to get offended?

The other day I was in the taxi park, heading home and this girl wearing a dress top as a dress was in front of me. To my amusement, the touts started to grab her from different directions and touch her exposed body.

Maybe that was over the top; I don’t know! All I know is I never want to know the feeling of a random man’s hands on my skin. I would fail to recover from that king of molestation.

Some girls may have no problem being touched by multiple strangers maybe that was the point in dressing that way but again, I’m just speculating.

Respect your bodies my dear sisters because it’s a big possession- a temple(read place of worship)if you please.

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