Thursday, October 30, 2014


A few days ago, I met a person who introduced herself to me as a Kingdom woman and it caused me to think. If one is a Kingdom woman do they really have to introduce themselves as one? I mean is it really necessary? I know you’re probably thinking if they are unashamed of it why not? I agree. If they are proud of it, why not?

However, I have just one issue with this kind of introduction. Is it that your life cannot speak for you that you have to predetermine what another’s perception of you will be? Because the Word says you will tell them by their works! And besides, are we not the Bible that unbelievers read?

How are we sure that after one has introduced themselves as so that they will live up to the label they now possess? Is this not the reason why people go around making statements like “wabula balokole?” (translated as “surely saved people”)I’m just saying; if you are a Kingdom woman, then let your actions speak for you because ultimately one cannot act forever. Your life will always tell us if you’re being genuine or if you are just another label that does not live up to its expectations.

If a woman meditates on the word of God and hides it in her heart, her behavior is determined by what is in her heart for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Therefore, she will speak life(out of her belly will flow streams of living water). She will cause people to thrive and not choke them with negativity. She will encourage people in the Lord(The Word of God is a lamp unto her feet and a light unto her path). By the grace of God, she will positively influence generations. She will uphold people: Never underestimating the perfect God who works with imperfect human beings. The Word of God will be her final authority (if God has said it. She believes it.)

She will not gossip neither will she entertain gossip. She will not seek to glorify people’s weaknesses instead of encouraging their strengths. She will not be an agent of discord but rather because of the active work of the Spirit of God in her, reconciliation is her agenda. She will not seek to glorify herself but rather the God who is alive and at work in her. She will not judge the lost but seek them out and intercede for them to find and experience the amazing God who lives in her. She takes into account the fact that we are but flesh and blood.

She will be an instrument of love in the hands of a very invincible God. She will live for God and not for herself seeking everyday to be totally surrendered to the will of God. She will pursue her destiny in God to the best of her ability. She will speak the truth out of reverence for God(For God is truth). She will desire that justice prevail even at her expense. She will be true to who she is accepting that she is a work in progress (Not that she has attained perfection but she works toward it).

This is my definition of a Kingdom Woman. So before you start to introduce yourself as one, is this who you really are? If this really is who you are then you do not need to introduce yourself as a Kingdom Woman because everyone who encounters you WILL KNOW BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that you really are a woman after God’s own heart.