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I was recently reading someone's article about homosexuality and all those other sexual perversions. He's defense of them was to insult christians as humans whose brains do not entirely function. He reasoned that human beings are supreme creatures that evolve according to the times which have brought about changes in tastes and preferences.

Why would a supreme man prefer to hang a man?
Why would a supreme woman sleep with a woman?
If you asked me that question, i would totally not have an answer for it. In my Country, until recently it was unheard of to be gay but now they are all over the place advocating for their rights.
What rights? For a man to have sexual intercourse with a man? For a woman to have sexual relations with a fellow woman?

Please, cut us some slack. Do those rights even have to be negotiated? I mean, if the generation before us was gaywould we be here? Exactly, we would most definately not be here. So what makes man think he is supreme enough to alter God's …