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Girl, go get you a husband!!!

I’ve always wondered what the direct opposite of ruthless is because I have encountered a woman who I would classify as Ruthful!
Today I was reading the book of Ruth whose testimony is summarized in 4 chapters and I was amazed at this young Moabite woman. She was made a wife by a young Israelite man when his family settled in Moab. I imagine she must have been quite the looker to have caught his eye and the envy of many of her peers to have gotten ‘wifed up’ by a man who belonged to the chosen nation. It must have been a dream come true because let’s face it, many young women dream of the day they’ll get married, have a home of their own and beautiful babies to crown it all. So with the first step in that direction out of the way, her expectation must have increased.
Unfortunately, her husband died. So did his Father and brother. Leaving her broken and confused and crushed. She grieved with Naomi and her sister in law who both were dealing with his trauma. Seeing as she had lost ev…