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Contractual Friends!

Human beings sometimes make for the vilest of creatures! their behaviour can be entirely appaling and unbecoming especially when they go back on common courtesy.

It always frustrates me when people say one thing and do another. I've never been able to understand how someone will give you their word and go back on it. Is it not easier to just not give your word in the firdt place?

How can the one thing that defines a person(read- their word) be the thing they don't mind playing around with. I mean let's face it; you're only as good as your word. If you're not planning to follow through on it, don't commit.

I recently worked with someone who came highly reccommended by a friend. He needed a service I could provide and I rendered it at a fee.I thought because this person seems of sound character, I'd accepet half payment and receive the rest later.

Anyway, so it's been the longest time and there's been no sort of communication from him. So i decided to call him to inquire on what was on ground.

You will not believe how arrogant he was on the matter, telling me how he doesn't communicate to people unnecessarily! Can you believe that?! Unnecessarily!!! My pay issue is unnecessary communication to him! I'm just so baffled right now, I can't even process that kind of mindless arrogance!!!

Anyway, no more friendly business; only contractual whether I know your parents or whatever! Only contractual. Been burnt too many times, it's about time I take it for what it is; human beings suck and they're not about to change!!!

End of rant!!!


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