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Poser Bloggers!!!

Apparently bloggers are posers! Imagine my amusement on hearing this from a person who did not know that I somehow humbly feature in that category of people! It was just hillarious! Unbelievable even!!!

It made me wonder what the deal is though? Why is this particular 'group' of people labelled so and is it not just another case of stereotyping?

So I asked what they would say if me in the event that somehow I belong to this category of people.

"There's no way in hell you can be a blogger!" so he retorted!

Hehehehe, I of course couldn't control my urge to laugh.

There's no point in stereotyping people because one way or the other, stereotypes are never completely accurate. They just prey on the small sample space that is classified as statistics which more often than not are based on not so significant interaction.

That is not to say people should not have opinions, just that they should not throw every one under the bus of generalisation because they heard…

Isn't Freedom of speech overrated?!

Someone I'm getting to know, read my blog post yesterday and we started to talk. He asked the question:
"Isn't freedom of speech overrated?"
I had no direct answer to the question because on the one end, I agreed with him but on the other, we entirely disagreed. It always amazes me when there's not one particular answer to a thing. 
One blogger this week- Daudi wrote about being respectful in our expression of such a freedom. It causes me to wonder though, is it possible for one to use their freedom of speech and yet be sensitive to how it affects the people around them? Would this need for sensitivity 'jeopardise' the effectiveness of the expression of their opinion?
I mean, like in recent days, the one lecturer who decided to strip so her voice could be heard. If she had not stripped, would she have gotten the kind of attention she though her plea deserved? But also, if she had been civil about it, would she not have been heard?
We can argue to the effe…

It's not personal!

I know yesterday I wrote about people and their emotions but I wonder, is there some sort of middle ground for freedom of expression. 
Can we actually compromise on personal opinion to accommodate another? Is it possible to choose to listen without bias to what differs from us?
One of my most enjoyable moments is in the gist of debating an ideology with someone who feels entirely different about it. Of course, it quickly bores me when they think I’m trying to put them down and start offending me. 
It quickly goes from enjoyable to “I don’t believe how immature you are being right now!”
I think we’ve all had those awkward moments before, sometimes with us at the offensive end of the spectrum.
So, I’ll suggest a few reasons why you shouldn’t take things too personal when caught in the midst of a free idea-sharing moment.
When I was growing up, in my teenage years actually, my big brother told me a huge secret; he said
“Learn to separate the person from the situation!”
A very valuable lesson t…

Difference of Opinion?

Contractual Friends!

Human beings sometimes make for the vilest of creatures! their behaviour can be entirely appaling and unbecoming especially when they go back on common courtesy.

It always frustrates me when people say one thing and do another. I've never been able to understand how someone will give you their word and go back on it. Is it not easier to just not give your word in the firdt place?

How can the one thing that defines a person(read- their word) be the thing they don't mind playing around with. I mean let's face it; you're only as good as your word. If you're not planning to follow through on it, don't commit.

I recently worked with someone who came highly reccommended by a friend. He needed a service I could provide and I rendered it at a fee.I thought because this person seems of sound character, I'd accepet half payment and receive the rest later.

Anyway, so it's been the longest time and there's been no sort of communication from him. So i decided t…

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