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And His Love Is Made Complete In Us

And may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holyspirit be with us all, now and forever more; Amen!

Smiles shone on their faces as they turned one to another wishing each other the grace. They shook hands, hugged, stared each other in the face and you could tell that what looked like a bunch of random people praying together was actually a community. A community bound together by love and understanding.

The congregation started to pour out in drones, slowly breaking into huddles. Laughter broke out like dynamite, very instantaneous and rather loud. It looked almost rehearsed with people drifting in and out of smaller groups, saying hello to each other.

'We really need to pray for her cuz I heard that she's been sleeping at his house. The other day Laura saw them leave together at 7:30am.'

'What?' the rest gasped!

'Yeah, 7am. And the only way that is possible is if she spent the night at his house. Now, I can't spe…