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Does Femininity = Weakness?

'You are a very strong woman,' she remarked 'So you can easily handle people who try and walk all over you.'

'Um... Okay.' I mumbled trying to internalize her angle of this thing.

Mel had been dealing with a 'disgruntled' male colleague and in the middle of their discourse, she burst into tears. Now, for some people that may be a natural response to frustration and to others, it is just foreign. We ask ourselves questions like 'who cries in public' or go ahead and remember statements like 'never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing your tears'

Recently, my workplace was doing interviews and we posed the generic question; what is your weakness? and it turned out tears were the weakness for a few of the interviewees. Can the strength of God be made perfect in out tears and frustration? I think this article by Mategyero will help answer that question.

1Peter 3:7 says;
Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour…

Christ Is My Reward!

The past few weeks have been somewhat busy, with me refocusing but also meditating a lot. Meditating on weakness, what it means to be weak and the implications of pretending it's not there. Growing up, up until now, I have been and continue to be a very independent mind. It takes a lot for something to influence let alone dictate my decisions (and a very deliberate effort from me to accept to be influenced).
As a middle child of three, I found my wings very early in life and purposed within myself to live life with no apologies. If I felt the need to do a thing, I would do it! I did not struggle so much with people's opinions of me (I'm not sure why) but again, I just was/am a free spirit. If I ended up believing a thing, it had to go through many levels of testing until my heart was settled on it for that season. I say this because a lot of the things I believed, have morphed over time and some of them have been dropped altogether.
I believe it's called growth.
'You …