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Dear writer’s block, it’s not you it’s me!

He woke up to 'Breakfast with God'

Sunday afternoon, I decided to take a nap as I really felt off. I could not shake off a certain feeling that I just couldn't put my finger on. I felt it but I didn't know what this 'it' was. So I slept it off. You know how your mind says something is up but you just don't know what it is? This was me. I had been at Church earlier but even then, something was off but I just supposed I needed sleep.

Waking up after my short nap, I reached for my phone to check the time. I saw a WhatsApp text pop on my notifications at 5:40pm and all it said was Nevender 'teary faces'. I bolted up out of my bed and started texting frantically, asking what she meant.

'He's gone'

A million thoughts ran through my mind, I texted back anxiety coursing through my veins. I wasn't getting the information fast enough so I called Karen. And when she said what she said... I thought I was gonna run mad! There was no way! Nev always was a soldier... Nev had days when he d…

We mourn as those with hope.

Grief consumes me
Leaving no space for anything else
Grief surrounds me
Wrapping me in her cruel embrace
Choking the life out of me
Leaving me no option but to feel

No option but to be held
Held by prickly emotions
Emotions that flood me
That flood every fibre of my being

Grief will not leave me
Invading with her all her comrades
Anger. Denial. Regret. Anger.

I tell myself I will not pay her any attention
And she laughs her evil laugh
As if to say 'I will be here'
I will be here waiting
Waiting for your denial to pass
Waiting to swallow you up

Waiting in broad daylight
No need for shadows

My eyes well up
Bursting forth like torrential rain
Bursting forth like a broken dam
Whose cracks have given way

But we mourn as those with hope

13 And now, dear brothers, I want you to know what happens to a Christian when he dies so that when it happens, you will not be full of sorrow, as those are who have no hope. 14 For since we believe that Jesus died and then came ba…