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My Weakness, His Perfection!

Last night we had #BibleHourUg on the TL and the focus was 'The Importance Of Christian Literature' in the life of the Christian. BibleHourUg simply uses the hour between 7:30-8:30pm to create an atmosphere for conversation around the word of God.

Anyway, back to Christian literature and it's importance. It is very easy to say we are dependent on the word of God and yet, in reality, we really are not. It is fancy Christian talk but when the rubber hits the rod, we quickly realize that we are more reliant on other things. We rely on 'experience;' both ours and that of other people and we give it greater importance than the word of God.

Is there a place for experience in our Christian walk? I would believe so. For how else are we drawn to our need for a Saviour except we face our humanity? How else are we drawn to the heart of God except we trust ourselves and fail? How else can we understand or get a glimpse of our frailty except we attempt to put our hope in our ow…

Lay Your Head Upon My Heart

Lay your head on my heart my little one
Many are the plans I have for you
Many are the stories I hope to tell you
Many are the memories I hope to carry
Even as I carry you in my womb

Lay your head upon my heart my little one
I have seen you not
But I have imagined what you will look like
I have felt you turn like a storm
I have felt you kick like a goalie

Lay your head upon my heart my little one
Many are the songs we'll sing
Many are the rhymes we'll create
Many are the storms we'll bear
Even as we walk through life together

Lay your head upon my heart my little one
I dream of stars you'll shine brighter than
I dream of wounds we'll cry about
I dream of hugs we'll share
Even as we live this life together

Lay your head upon my heart my little one
Daddy's eyes and Mummy's smile
Daddy's laughter and Mummy's hug
Daddy's protection and Mummy charms
Oh, the possibilities...

Lay your head upon my broken heart my little one
Lay your head upon my sob…

Why Is Your Gun Cocked?

'Why are you asking me that?'

'What concern of yours is it?'

'Why do you want to know my business?'

No, those are not random questions. I sat next to her as we 'spoke' though by now you realize I was doing more listening than speaking. She kept blasting these questions out about the information I was trying to extract from her. I sat still, maintained eye contact and just waited for her to come to the end of her gunfire.

'Should I speak?' I asked. 'Are you going to give me the opportunity to answer these questions or do I just continue to sit here and take your fire?'

'What fire? Me, I'm just asking you why you want to know.'

'Okay let me speak.' I said. Now turning to face her cutting her short with my eyes.

'Why do you feel the need to defend yourself? We have barely gotten into the conversation and your gun is cocked. You just went on a firing spree. Why do you feel the need to do that?'

She just continued h…

I thought I was God

'Everyone is entitled to their opinions and if you don't agree with what I say, take a walk!'

Quite rude huh?! But how many times have you been on the receiving end let alone the saying end of this statement? I have never said that you respond. Fair enough; how many times have you subconsciously rubbished people's opinions because they are different from yours? How many times have you mentally rolled your eyes at what someone said because it was different from your school of thought?

It's a Selah moment, right?

I came to my computer to write about one thing but ended up picking inspiration to write about another. One of my friends, Samuel Kamugisha shared an article he wrote 'The Power Of Why' and it got me thinking. His article tackles some of my latest reflections. Also, needless to say, the first thing I did was correct a grammatical mistake which he welcomed with open hands. Imagine if he had rubbished my contribution?

A lot of my friends remark that I s…