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Block or Not?!

As a writer, some days are really no writing days. You may have an overflow of ideas and opinions to express but you just don’t have it in you to start writing.

I guess this would mainly apply for old school writers like myself- who like to put pen to paper before attempting to transfer the ideas onto soft copy.

I have so much written down that will probably never see the light of the internet because I find myself too lazy to transfer these ideas.

It’s of course not as challenging as having writer’s block where no matter how much you write, it always feels like substandard crap and the more you try, the more crappy it gets.

Anyway, lately I’m just really too lazy to write anything down and when I do, I’m even lazier to type it out. Just typing this rant out has been on my procrastinated list of things to do since Friday and because I have a bit of time on my hands this morning, I decided to get to it.

I guess that only makes me human- is that consolation, I wonder!

Maybe it is, maybe it’s not but I guess I’ll get opinions from other writers.

You never know someone has mastered how to deal with those lazy writing seasons and has some worthwhile advice to give me

So, over to you, my cool writer friends; any advice to offer? How do I deal?


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