Thursday, April 28, 2016

Don't touch me!

Sometimes I think something is terribly wrong with me. Sometimes being the key word. I know and accept who I am though. No complaints here. Its just that there are things that bother me so much and to feel helpless about them just rubs me the wrong way.

I’m a people person and to top it up, my love language is touch. I love to hug people- not everyone though cuz some people are horrible huggers. I love, love, love being with and around people. I just really thrive.

The irony of it however, is I don’t like people in my space; especially people who I don’t know like that. I don’t like it when a random guy puts his arm around my waist or when someone puts their hands around my eyes and tells me to guess who they are.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love people and I think I will for the rest of my life.

There’s just that category of people who don’t seem to know the first thing about personal space.
It really bothers me when I sit in a taxi- public minivan and my neighbor decides to put their arm around my seat! Or when their skin makes contact with mine; I literally squirm. I usually move up to give them space but they just go right ahead to occupy the one I left and their skin is back in contact with mine!

Of course there’s also that human being in the queue who somehow got a strange memo about their body having to touch yours when they line up behind you. 

Really people!? Really!? 

Which part of me moving ahead in the queue says ‘move on up right next to me’ while I’m trying to avoid that body contact?

I’m telling you! That strange body contact with people I don’t know just makes me look forward to the day I buy my own car and just breathe! 

For now though
, I’ll sit upfront right next to the door in the taxi because my space is important to me!

My Singing Boda!

I’m quite the boda person. For those who have not experienced Uganda- a boda is a public means of transport. 
A boda is a motorcycle- most are of the bajaj brand so bajaj and boda have somehow become synonymous for each other.

I have had quite the experience with bodas for the longest time. I have had mild and serious accidents while travelling on them both very early in the morning and late at night. More often than not, I’ll just get get on the next boda after the accident to either continue to my destination or the hospital depending on how serious the injury.

Last evening however, I encountered the type of boda that I never have before.

I sat on one on my way form work heading home- after deciding on the amount of course. So, like is my norm, I greet him properly on sitting on the bike and then tell him we can leave.

He starts riding and lo and behold, the ninja starts to sing! Yes! He started to sing! Very loudly- like at the top of his voice about being in love with a girl and how if she’s not into him she should tell him so he doesn’t waste his time.

You will not imagine my shock and amusement! I could not believe it. He was calm and collected when I got onto his bike but here he was surpassing my understanding with his very loud singing.

The more embarrassing thing was the looks people gave giving us whenever we passed by them and this man was bellowing frustrated love lyrics at the top of his lungs! It was so dramatic! I didn’t know whether to tell the guy to shut up or just put up with it till I got to my destination.

Anyway, since he was so passionate about his love, I let him sing and got off the bike not too far away from home and walked the rest of the distance. 

And yes, he got his pay and continued to sing loudly
as her rode off into the sunset…

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

All this Sunshine!

My excitement today is so weird… I don’t get it but I do blame you. I really am ecstatic about today being your birthday. Imagine, you weren’t born, what would it be like? 

I would never have met you through Sammie who thought she should pose about having a friend with an accent lol. Even more important though, who would break my fall? You've broken my fall endless times, I don't know how it doesn't tire you out. Maybe you're just too polite to admit it lol.

This birthday is more meaningful than the ones before because I’m factoring in all your awesomeness- not that I didn’t before. I probably just didn’t realize how much there was to it.

My shoulder, my scolder, my hand- holder, my confidant, my friend that redefined the word for me; I love and celebrate you today!!!

I’m on my knees before God speaking unfathomable greatness and elevation for you. Knowing you has not left me the same! Thank you for always pointing me back to Him when I’m being a child hehehehe!

This recent past, the things I’ve dealt with were made so much easier to take because you showed up like you always do- like a bauwss!!! 

Banange, I know there’s nothing I can give you to repay your honest, open dedication but consider this some sort of token- I think. 

I pray blessing upon relentless blessing to overtake you until you can’t take it anymore.

Happy Birthday Sharpe!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Versatile Blogger Award

Recently- maybe not so recent, an awesome friend of mine decided to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger Award and I honestly procrastinated until it slipped my mind. I’m weird like that some times. Anyway, today is Diamante’s birthday and the least I could do is make good on it.

Of course very much respect to this beautiful woman- DiamondInTheRough for the tag. I will not be too formal about it as I can’t tag 17 whole bloggers lol. Shearevealed is how you can find Karen’s blog and believe you me, you’ll enjoy reading it.
The Rules
  1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.
  3. Link your nominees and let them know about their nomination.
  4. Share seven facts about yourself
I will go right into sharing seven facts about myself:

I talk to myself very often- I think outloud to process my thoughts. Many times I have to remind myself to be conscious of the fact that I’m around other people so I don’t look like a mental case. Sometimes my self-to-self mind conversations make me laugh out loud- literally. No, I don’t really mind it because I’ve come to appreciate myself as good company.

I very often zone people out especially when they are being ‘stupid’- for lack of a better word. I’ll just pretend to pay attention to the basic minimum so I have a clue what they were saying when they ‘ask for my opinion’.

I’m a very good reader of people and I usually have people figured out within 15minutes- sometimes even less- of meeting them. I pay very much attention to the unspoken gestures, body language, and intonation of words and can very easily tell when someone’s lying to me. I know it’s creepy!

I’m a grammar freak. It rubs me the wrong way when people don’t punctuate words, don’t check their spellings, misuse vocabulary and write essays without paragraphs. I’m still getting over mispronunciation of words because I’ve learned to respect individual cultural interference.

I love life too much and will not easily be shaken when things don’t go the way I want them to. For me life is all shades of beautiful and every person adds their own colour to it- yes, even the people who irritate me. I love people, good music, food, hanging out and talking.

I talk too much or so I’ve been told. Thankfully I learned to read early in life so I think my words hold some sort of wisdom. When I was younger, my over talking caused me to tell endless lies but growing up came with truth and appreciating that I know what I know and don’t know what I don’t know.

Finally, because I’m starting to feel conceited- I’m a wretch saved by grace. My natural disposition is sin, lies, disloyalty, hatred, envy but I found a love in God that is constantly improving who I am. I think this love is doing great because even I, the wretch can see the difference between who I was and whom I’m becoming.

That’s seven summarised facts about me- finally.

I’ll just nominate two phenomenal women: Liza and Amarachi

Friday, April 22, 2016

Day in the life of a 'DEEJAY'

These conversations that start my day are bound to give me a heart attack some day soon! Okay, maybe its not that extreme but lawd!!! I just doesn’t get old.

This morning I had one of those shocking yet hillarious conversations with a person who just found out I do a radio show albeit once a month.

There was that momentary confusion in which I got labelled a deejay by virtue of my relationship with the seat behind the mic. It was a really awkward moment for me because my interpretation of the word is so different and I had assumed everyone understands it the same way.

So I refused to be labelled a deejay  and take credit for the work these ninjas do behind the wheels of steel.
I thought I’d check out the definition of the word Deejay will help put it in perspective.

Over the years, deejaying has evolved into quite the sophisticated art. It has nothing to do with randomly queuing up songs in your media player- anyone can do that.

The ability to muster the art of deejaying cannot just be taken lightly so as to label anyone a deejay. There is so much involved- there’s even particular software to use and I know you’re thinking Virtual DJ but it’s more than that. You do not wake up overnight and you can deejay, it’s a long, tedious learning process.

Software aside, hardware which is pretty expensive is also involved(read decks, turntables). Now, reconciling the software with hardware is the true mark of a deejay.

I have encountered a few deejays on a very personal level and have come to appreciate what it takes –the process of deciding on theme for a set and how the beginning song is so important it dictates the direction the rest of the set takes.

Yo! Its bloody! Okay maybe I’m being dramatic or whatever but these individuals invest so much in their trade for a non deserving person to just show up and take credit.

So over the next few days, I will take some time to write a tribute in honour of these brave, hardworking individuals.

Get ready to enter a world you did not know existed!