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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all those special men who over the years have not only been fathers to us but also our friends. I have been immensely blessed to be surrounded by powerful men of God who have shielded me, cared for me, been a shoulder, strengthened me and always been there for me. I totally, wholly love you and if there was a way i could repay you for your input in my life, i would quickly and greatfully do that.

It has not been an easy journey this far, infact its been really long but you continue to stand with and by me regardless of my situations. My ability to stand my ground in the face of controversy i surely learned from you. To love God and let Him be the centre of my focus, to let the Word of God be the final authority when foming opinion and a whole bunch of other things.

I can still remember back in the day when Stephen taught me to "separate the person from the situation." I cannot even begin to tell you how much easier my life has been since i learnt th…


Recently alot of my friends have decided to call me mean in regard to my use of sarcasm but those of you who know a thing or two about sarcam agree with me that its an extremely interesting phenomenon. *Whispering; and its so much fun to use when people get what you mean.

I gotta admit sometimes it just happens cuz am real used to it but there are also those instances where the only way you can actually pass on a particular sentiment is by being sarcastic about it. That moment when you say something, that otherwise would have been considered real mean with a smile on your face and a beautiful sarcastic twist, and in the process provide safe landing for your sentiment.

Its real frustrating though when people take everything you say personal. Recently someone confronted me about why i hate them and i really, honestly had no idea what they were talking about until they started to count moments "sarcasm-directed-against them" off their finger tips. And that right there, caught m…

Tribute to time-wasters

Its been such a long time since yours truly sat down to blog and amazingly the time that it occurs to me to do so; am doing exams. Hahaha.

Lately i've been a big spectator of life lol(and if you knew me, you'd know how much work that is for me). My choleric side has only been active in throwing chucks for people and the lovely sanguine in me has continued to be her colourful adorable self.

Over the last few years, i have been exposed to all kinds of people. Some who have improved or rather bettered my perception of certain things and some who have totally not understood a single thing about me. Others have been parasites, who only know how to feed off of me and then there are those that have been down-right time wasters. Today in this post, i pay tribute to the horrible time wasters that have been and continue to be part of my life.

Some of y'all actually know what an unnecessary consumption of time you are and yet somehow deep down i think you just hope i don't realis…