Thursday, April 14, 2016

Arrivalism- the concept

Not too many things in life crack me up as much as the arrivalist. The embodiment of the concept is immaturely grown up that it puzzles me; the paradox that is arrivalism. Maybe before we go too far, let’s try and define this thing.

My use of the word arrivalism in this article describes the mentality or false feeling of accomplishment or reaching the top of the road in a particular field. A case in point would be the upcoming musician whose music starts to enjoy massive airplay across media platforms or the socialite who starts getting noticed by and featured in tabloids. That sudden sense of accomplishment (adrenaline rush kind of thing), that gets to the head of the individual feeling it- that right there is arrivalism.

When what should be a possible pit stop in life’s journey becomes the final destination because of pride( or as we’d say in Uganda ‘posing’).

It really is just extreme pride in an achievement that is probably not that big a deal and more often than not blown out of proportion.

The arrivalist steps on people’s toes unapologetically because they have now gained invincible status. They have ‘achieved’ and society and society recognizes them in some sort of way thus making them worth more than others.

The arrivalist justifies their behavior on the glorified image of themselves by other people. It could be their peers or the prevailing generation.

People should by all means be proud of the accomplishments in their life’s journey. Pat yourself on the back by all means but when you start to imagine that you are better and worth more than everyone else because of a step made in your journey, then you surely have got it twisted.

But again what the heck! Enjoy the ‘as-if’ fame while it lasts because you will very soon be replaced by the next big thing and fade into the constantly changing pages of history to be remembered only by lovers of relics- if you are lucky enough to have made such a significant impact as to earn relic status.
If you did not, at least you were almost relevant in a certain era…

Peace out!

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