Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Folly! Sin! Shame!
The Genesis of... The slide to the pit
Downtrodden! Downward, forward!
The illusion of progress masked in footsteps.
The further ahead, the lower the sink into depths untold,

The arms of profanity wide open luscious with lust,
the longing for destiny or destination blurred by the thirst for satisfaction,
Parched throats drinking from venom-filled streams of desire

The more I drink, the more I'm undone, flames threaten to consume me entirely into a creature I neither desire nor recognize! Could this be it! Could this be all there is?!
Cycles of folly entwined in lust?!
An unquenchable longing for destruction inscribed on my soul?!

Light! Light! How He bursts forth!
In armour so bright the Sun would cower, a redeemer of my past did I discover!
A deliver so mighty, a worthy contender for my dirt-stained soul
He washed me in a blood bath-His own blood shed for me,
What wisdom is this that seems so foolish?
What kind of love gives itself up for such a one that recognizes it not?
And how am I to receive a love I cannot give back?

But you see, pay He does not require,
He only needs for you and me to receive His love,
Yes! He only needs for you to receive His love!
This love that morphs us daily into His likeness, transforming us to be more like Him- one day at a time
And when He returns, with unveiled face we will behold
This glorious King crucified for our sin while we were yet sinners!

Brothers and sisters I present to you, Jesus the Christ! The worthy lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! The undisputed Saviour of mankind! The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! He to whom we owe our very being!

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