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He will come and save!!!

 It's almost Midnight and I find myself with my thoughts in the deadly silence of the night!

I wait like the anxious lover for the voice of her dear one. I wait for my Lord. For that gentle soothing whisper that calms all my unfounded fears and establishes me in His love that never falls, never gives up and never runs out on me!

Waiting for God is a thing that often eludes me for I tell myself that I am waiting on Him. But you see, I have come to realise that to wait on God simply means to go about my business and expect He will show up and fit in as and when He sees fit.

To wait for Him however means like in the words of Moses- paraphrased: "If His presence does not go with me, then I ain't going nowhere". It means staying put even when all within and without is screaming that it's time to move.

It is much less convenient for me to wait for as compared to wait on God.

For you see, waiting for Him means there must be some sort of deliberate decision to put my plans on hold and fit into His will because I have taken time to hear and know what He is calling me to. Waiting for Him is dependent on the existence of a real, personal and intimate relationship with Him. The kind of intimacy a child enjoys with their Father. Pure, innocent love!

To wait for God means I must choose to trust Him enough to believe He will take good care of the time that I spend in waiting. It means I have confidence that though I don't know His timing, because He loves me, He is intentionally working it out for my good. As a matter of fact, He is intentionally working all things for my good according to His purpose because I love Him (Cross reference Romans 8:28)!

To wait for God means I must stand still, despite how roarsome the tempests and know that He is God and He is good and He will do exactly what He says He will do!!!

So, I will wait and will not faint!!!


Finney Ongole said…
Romans 8:28.. ALL THINGS #Todaymatters
Christine Owori said…
Thanks for this, you've made some things clearer to understand :)
juliete said…
Indeed be still and know dat he is GOD

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