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Move On Already!

Heartbreak can be devastating!!!

It can shutter you entirely and also. Some times worse than others depending on how committed you were to making it work or better still, how much of your heart was involved.

Growing up, I got involved in so many relationships and most of them did not outlast a fortnight! People always put up an act when you initially meet them or your mind decides what to expect the first time you meet a person. So every time I met the 'real person' I just couldn't deal and the relationship ended.

I can only count two real relationships in my life.

The first was with the most amazing man I had ever met! I was eighteen, he was twenty six and I was totally into him. I loved him! Anyway, it didn't quite end the ideal way. We didn't get married and have babies... There was no proper closure and I continued to crush on him for almost five years after that!

When I got closure though, it was so dramatic how I instantly got over him- which taught me the importance of closure.

Many times I was too afraid to get closure because I still wanted to hold on to the possibility of a re-bound. Of course I would not admit it to myself but that really is the reason I allowed myself to stay 'hanging' when the relationship ended.

My advice to whoever finds themselves in this place; move on!

Don't hold your heart at ransom to the possibility of a re-match because unless you're the irrational type, there's a valid reason why you decided to walk away from the relationship and it probably still stands!

I of course finally moved on and I couldn't believe how much time I allowed myself to waste, shielding myself from a lot of awesome guys because I hoped that one day, my twenty six year old knight in shining armour- who was a lot older by then- would come back to me.

When I let go, I met great guy number 2!!!


great write and truth in this.
5ive Wads said…
Thank you for reading Apollo!

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