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Awesome people's Birthdays!!!

To know or be known
The mystery surrounding life
To expose or be exposed
The fear shrouding life
To let in or shut out
Survive or thrive
Or like Shakespeare would say
To be or not to be!

The intrinsic determinant of character,
The assumed knowledge of personality,
The anticipation of understanding,
Concealed behind the facade of reality:
To understand or be understood!

To question or be questioned about wherein lies
To be presented with direct or indirect answers
Possibilities or impossibilities, Fullness or
Hope or despair,
Faith or fear...

Mystery and more mystery lies ahead of you,
But faith, love and hope do I pray for you
For every mountain: endurance,
For every river: perseverance,
For every storm: may you learn to dance
For every setback may you overcome!

May joy be your steady companion,
Peace your forerunner and kindness your
Let your dreams run wild and ambition help you
chase them down,
May the odds forever be in your favour and,

May you find fulfilment in this new chapter:



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