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Religion or Indoctrination?!

What it is about religion that makes people so insufferable?

What is this whole superiority demeanor that causes one to think they are better than the next person by virtue of their association to particular set of beliefs- because that is really what religion is! A set of beliefs: dos and don’ts if you please.

Regulations that a group of people with shared beliefs put in place to govern behavior and determine/dictate the acceptable response of individuals to the stimuli in their environment!

I present to you that religion is based on mankind’s interpretation of life. I know you expected me to say mankind’s interpretation of God…

More often than not, religion starts as a quest to get to know God but it has been proven to quickly morph into a godless entity of humans trying to control each other.

God has faded into a word used to scare people from indulging in whatever is outside of the set rules.

In my observation, I have come to the realization that most religious people do not know God. They relate with the notion of the existence of a god who is a terror striking task master requiring so much from his creation and abruptly striking them dead like some hormone pumped pregnant woman if he doesn’t get what he wants!

So I ask, if religion is supposedly about God but this god is just the notion of a supreme being, then what is religion really about?


Good we may never know the answer to
5ive Wads said…
I don't know if I'm content with not knowing but again I don't really want to deal with demystifying another theory.

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