Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Singing Boda!

I’m quite the boda person. For those who have not experienced Uganda- a boda is a public means of transport. 
A boda is a motorcycle- most are of the bajaj brand so bajaj and boda have somehow become synonymous for each other.

I have had quite the experience with bodas for the longest time. I have had mild and serious accidents while travelling on them both very early in the morning and late at night. More often than not, I’ll just get get on the next boda after the accident to either continue to my destination or the hospital depending on how serious the injury.

Last evening however, I encountered the type of boda that I never have before.

I sat on one on my way form work heading home- after deciding on the amount of course. So, like is my norm, I greet him properly on sitting on the bike and then tell him we can leave.

He starts riding and lo and behold, the ninja starts to sing! Yes! He started to sing! Very loudly- like at the top of his voice about being in love with a girl and how if she’s not into him she should tell him so he doesn’t waste his time.

You will not imagine my shock and amusement! I could not believe it. He was calm and collected when I got onto his bike but here he was surpassing my understanding with his very loud singing.

The more embarrassing thing was the looks people gave giving us whenever we passed by them and this man was bellowing frustrated love lyrics at the top of his lungs! It was so dramatic! I didn’t know whether to tell the guy to shut up or just put up with it till I got to my destination.

Anyway, since he was so passionate about his love, I let him sing and got off the bike not too far away from home and walked the rest of the distance. 

And yes, he got his pay and continued to sing loudly
as her rode off into the sunset…


karen ihimbazwe said...

Ahahahhahahahaha serious issues, that guy!!

5ive Wads said...

You know... His life is colourful