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All this Sunshine!

My excitement today is so weird… I don’t get it but I do blame you. I really am ecstatic about today being your birthday. Imagine, you weren’t born, what would it be like? 

I would never have met you through Sammie who thought she should pose about having a friend with an accent lol. Even more important though, who would break my fall? You've broken my fall endless times, I don't know how it doesn't tire you out. Maybe you're just too polite to admit it lol.

This birthday is more meaningful than the ones before because I’m factoring in all your awesomeness- not that I didn’t before. I probably just didn’t realize how much there was to it.

My shoulder, my scolder, my hand- holder, my confidant, my friend that redefined the word for me; I love and celebrate you today!!!

I’m on my knees before God speaking unfathomable greatness and elevation for you. Knowing you has not left me the same! Thank you for always pointing me back to Him when I’m being a child hehehehe!

This recent past, the things I’ve dealt with were made so much easier to take because you showed up like you always do- like a bauwss!!! 

Banange, I know there’s nothing I can give you to repay your honest, open dedication but consider this some sort of token- I think. 

I pray blessing upon relentless blessing to overtake you until you can’t take it anymore.

Happy Birthday Sharpe!!!


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