Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My God is Love!

I was having this interesting conversation cum argument with one of my colleagues about this whole ‘religion’ thing.

He thinks I believe too much in the existence of a God who is really my optimism. In other words, I’m optimistic so I believe in a loving, all knowing, all sufficient God who in his argument is really my optimism.

You gotta love this guy!- I know I do!

I meet too many people who agree with my set of beliefs that I find myself intrigued when I find someone that does not. And no, I don’t judge his decision to reject God. Neither do I make him seem unserious for not agreeing with what I believe.

This constant discussion time(which borders on teasing by the way) with him always leaves me thinking- which really works for me because I love, love, love to think.

For a person like me, I continually experience the utmost, inexplicable love, favour, mercy, even protection of God and I’ve come to appreciate how God looks out for me. I do not claim to understand Him for my mind is way too feeble to grasp a God so unfathomable. He is way beyond my faculties: mental or spiritual.

The person I am constantly becoming has nothing to do with me and everything to do with this God who I am constantly getting to know. My relationship with Him is what has transformed and continues to transform me on a daily.

I cannot claim that I have achieved perfection- far be it from me to sound so preposterous! I can however tell you that every day, I press towards the higher mark. Not in my strength for I am weak but in the strength of my God through whom I can do all things.

I look back at the person I was and if it wasn’t for the Lord, I could never be where and who I am today. I am extremely proud of who I am because of my relationship with this God for unlike anything- only love can change a person.

My God is love and being in Him I am daily being changed to be like Him: to reflect His likeness. To be to others what He is to me. For only when love itself changes you can you love others enough for them to be impacted by what/who it is that lives in you.

So, I love and continue to exist in this love for I know that this love will impact people in such powerful ways that I could never be able to! I consciously choose love!


David Okia said...

"I consciously choose love!"

Juliet Laker said...

I totally agree with you the more I get to know him the more I fall in love with his GOD of ours.....

5ive Wads said...

David,thanks for passing through.
Julie, He certainly is a cup that never runs dry...