Thursday, October 27, 2016

Women are not and were not made to be slaves!

It is not a woman's place to keep a man!

Unfortunately, this is not the most popular sentiment in a generation obsessed with submission(read en-slaving) women. Women have been conditioned into believing that their lives are lived for men. Men also have been conditioned into believing the same. So we have a whole generation of young underachievers whose greatest achievement is to 'serve a man' and 'be served by a women' in the name of submission.

We have a whole generation of women who have planned for nothing except the 'opportunity' to 'belong' to a man. Women who will give up their hopes and dreams and settle for helping a man achieve his because they have been conditioned to do so. And of course men who have gotten with the program. A lot of men feel entitled to female submission. They believe it is their place to dominate these beings who probably have no dreams of their own and even if they do, they are not all that important!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against submission(serving one another humbly in love) but I have a major issue with the concept of submission being used as permission for men to walk all over women. I have an issue with what people have chosen to define submission as! Yes, I do have a major problem with men who have not married a woman, requiring submission of her. I will not speak for married people because I'm not and have never been married, so I have no authority in that realm.

That being said, it's about time we start to question the things we believe and why we believe them as such. All things are relative and subject to interpretation! What is the foundation of what you believe and who is responsible for the interpretation that you have now come to accept as unchallengeable truth? Why are you afraid to challenge that supposed truth and why do you take offense when someone else does?

Women are not and were not made to be slaves! All were made equal, the only variation is our modes of contribution to societal welfare. So, women rise up and outgrow your slavery mentality because future generations are depending on you! Men, learn to honour women because one day you will have a daughter and imagine the legacy the men of her generation will be living! We have the ability to impact the future. Let's start now!

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