Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I don't care... But do I?

Do we all secretly care what people think and probably say about us? I wonder...

You must be wondering why the random question? Sometimes I have these conversations with people that really stimulate my mind and when my mind starts, it just goes! I mean literally. I start to think and try to get actual answers to these questions- that's if they really are any.

I am still of the school of thought that all things- except God are relative and therefore are subject to change. So even our thought patterns may not necessarily be the same tomorrow as they are today. But that's a little of track. Back to the above question.

Do we sometimes convince ourselves that we don't care what people think and then secretly go wonder what they think about the fact that we don't care what they think? It probably does happen, yeah? We may want to convince ourselves that we don't care but we probably do- even just a little bit.

Of course the extent to which we pay attention to what people think about us varies because some opinions we hold in higher esteem than others. People with a certain kind of moral authority over me, tend to affect me a lot more than people who don't. Which begs the question, do our relationships determine if we care what people think about us?

It may be yes or no, depending on the individual. I'm not psychologist, neither do I claim to know all there is to the human mind but at the end of the day the question is really to you as a person, do you care what people think and say about you? If yes, why? If no, why? And how does it affect you?

Do you constantly find yourself being indecisive about things because you're afraid of what you may be perceived as in the event that you take a particular decision? Why is it so important to you what people perceive you as?

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