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'Expectation Adjustments'

Have you ever been so psyched up about a particular prospect that you put all your energies in attempting to pursue it? Well, I suppose we've all been there one way or the other- pumped to the brim with adrenaline from the possibility of something working out for us in a way we hope it will.

I suppose that's a good place to be; to have some sort of purpose or end you're working towards and are focused on. I know I really appreciate focus- I'm a strong believer in purpose and it's accomplishment.

So may I ask, what happens when despite your psych, you realise that you never had what it took to actually make the cut for this thing you were pursuing? What then? Do you curl up in a ball? Do you curse the world? Do you shake it off and move on to the next prospect? What do you do?

Of course all the above are possible options and so much more: some I have not thought of. Generally speaking though, it would be a question of dealing with disappointment! How does one deal when the world has been pulled out from under them? How do you not let it bother you or better still how do you deal with the fact that it bothers you? Because let's face it- it's only natural that disappointment should bother you unless the thing you thought you wanted really wasn't that important to you in the first place!

Anyway, so how does one deal with disappointment?

I think, the first thing would be to understand that it is totally normal/ human to be disappointed. It is okay for you to feel whatever emotions are a result of you being disappointed and as such, it's of even greater importance to learn how to deal with those emotions. Find your own way healthy of dealing.

Also, don't take it too personal. Many times disappointment is not because you're such an undeserving person- you just didn't make the cut and that's all there is to it. So don't go into regret mode or depression.

Instead, take another look at your expectations. This is usually the root of disappointment. What do you need to change and how can you change it? What do you need to scrape off your list and what needs to be added to it?

Appreciate what you have learnt from the rejection and aim smarter and bigger depending on your 'expectation- adjustments'.

Above all, don't resent who or what you had decided to pursue simply because you weren't welcomed with open arms. If anything, you can now go upgrade and give it another try- you just never know how it may work out for you!


david Oryem said…
True. One for the archive

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