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We are powerless over our emotions!

I have heard people say we are powerless over our emotions.

This does not resound with me. I admit there are so many things I feel very strongly about- i.e my convictions. However, despite how strong the emotions attached to whatever conviction, I have learnt to draw a line on what works and what doesn't.

I don't have some sort of solution to make you not feel the things you feel. I'm just saying that, emotions, however powerful should not dictate your response to life. Why? Because they change. Yes, very often, they change and what spurred certain emotions in you the first time will not necessarily do so the next time!

I have made some major decisions in a bout of anger or excitement and have had to swallow my words so painfully after the moment has passed. When I was younger, I was too proud to remedy relationships that were affected by my emotional meltdowns because I was convinced I didn't need those people anyway! But also, I was too ashamed to take back what I had said.

However, I have learnt that relationships are very important and people do mean something. So as much as possible, I would rather choke on my feelings than say something I cannot take back!

So I really do not agree with the school of thought that we are powerless over our emotions. We may feel powerless in the rush of emotions in a moment but we really just need to take a step away from the situation and regroup with our senses. You see the rush of emotions is capable of blinding you to what is important. In the midst of a meltdown, all you recognise is what you're feeling in that moment. Your mind goes blank- as if you're high on some substance. I suppose it would be better that when you feel emotions building up on you, and threatening an outpouring beyond you, walk away. Despite how much you think you have to prove yourself, walk away! It's the only way out!

That way, you'll save yourself the outburst and then when it passes, you can come back to it and talk with a level head about what needed to be talked about. Walking away is not to avoid dealing with he issue at hand but rather to help you breathe and be more objective!

You will be a lot more reasonable when you think about your response to emotions because you see, you really are not powerless over them. You are more than able to control your emotions!


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