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The Fight Within

My flesh, oh my flesh! Why dost thou plague me!
There are days that my flesh goes on rampage and I mean RAMPAGE!!! On those days my flesh is convinced that it knows what’s best for me and overrides my mind. When the things my body feels flood my mind, it takes it upon itself to derive possible ways that my flesh can be satisfied.
For the record, I am saved.
The voices in my head push me to a place of indulgence and try as I may, I cannot seem to overcome this. Paul is so accurate when he says we are tempted by our own evil desires. A lot of that temptation comes from a secret place in my mind where a lot of evil desires are stashed. Desires that I cannot even admit to myself.
I have started to realise that all the times I have fallen, it’s been because I feel like superwoman.
“I’m too big for my body too control me. Temptation is for the weak!”
(Insert laughing emoji). I am not strong! I am so weak and frail! I do not have the strength to overcome any temptation! The more I try in my own strength, the harder I fall.
On days like this, I have discovered, there is someone greater, stronger and willing to help me. I just need to ask and surrender it to Him.
The one day that I asked the Spirit of God to help me, I knew I had struck gold! I did not know how to but by the grace of God, I relinquished all control or the illusion of it to Him and man, He helped me. He held my hand and walked me through it.
He reminded me how His strength is made perfect in my weakness. How He will never leave me nor forsake me. He reminded me of how rewarding it is to trust and walk with Jesus one day at a time. To have a high Priest who understands my struggles and intercedes for me. I’m telling you, it is a beautiful thing to know that God is looking out for you, all you need to do is learn to trust and be surrendered to Him.
Does my flesh still plague me despite this revelation, yes! But now, I don’t have to fight on my own. My dear friend helps me though it!


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