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I am a FEMINIST!!!

“What is your obsession with women? It’s like every conversation with you involves women empowerment or something women-related. Breathe madam, breathe!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at how accurate a description of me this was. I just did not agree with the way he made it sound so insufferable.

I am very passionate about women and helping them discover who they are (definitely within the confines of God’s word). I believe that a woman who knows what she’s about is an invaluable treasure to humanity and can literally hold the world together. I believe women must know who they are to be able to grasp such a thing as a beautiful world.

Don’t get it twisted. I am no man-hater. Heck, majority of my friends are men. I am that kind of ‘feminist’ who believes that the world needs both men and women. Yes, that feminist who believes that women only need to discover and be comfortable with who they are to co-exist with men. I don’t believe in the battle of the sexes, that’s a fallacy. Selfishness if you may. Who are we trying to prove what to?

Woman was never meant to compete with man and vise versa but rather to work together and have dominion. Our gender greed has subdivided what would be dynamite into the insecure egotistic male and the insecure over controlling female. For both these extremes, middle ground can never be found as one will always blame the other for what’s not right in society.

I don’t believe there are sides just roles and responsibilities.

Being a woman is a very powerful thing that a lot of people have belittled consequently causing the divide in our world. I am confidently proud in my femininity but I need men. Men to work with. Men to talk to. Men to love. Men to mentor my future sons and daughters. Even men to love me- more like one man though. I’m not polyandrous!

However, men must take responsibility for who they are. That’s the only way this kind of feminism works. A woman confident in who she is needs a man who knows what he’s about or else we’ll have another case of the bossy woman and the cowardly man. Or pity love (where one feels obligated to love the other out of pity). Now that, would totally suck!

So I do love women enough not to let them believe the lie of existence without men nor the stereotype that all men are dogs. I am passionate to see a world where women grow and mentor other women to be confident in who they are, know what they deserve and not settle for anything less than that. Where there is injustice I believe justice must be pursued not abused. So, I toast to a world of co-existance!


5ive Wads said…
Ooh darling! You left a comment... Bless your heart :)
Subtle Royalty said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Subtle Royalty said…
I have been here shamelessly stalking your archives and I landed on this...Brilliant!
Unknown said…
I love your insights Jessy, and analysis of the roles and responsibilities of both sexes.
Elizabeth Epenu said…
I love your insights Jessy, and analysis of the roles and responsibilities of both sexes.

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