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We're all the same- different!!!

When you grow up, you want to be classified as a grown up. No? I reckon that's by far, the biggest lie of our existence because there's no growing up, is there? We're all a bunch of kids playing pretend on the playground hoping to get noticed or to pretend that we don't care about getting noticed.

Am i being sarcastic? I really don't know! I'm not too certain where the line between sarcasm and blunt reality is. In the sense that what we think is reality may actually be a continuous figment of our imagination that we've held for so long and now believe to be truth.

Which begs the question, is truth therefore definite or relative. Again, I have no clear answer to this question because who knows if what I think is truth is only truth because I have existed with it for so long that I now believe it to be so!

For a long time I allowed myself to believe that when you grow in years it automatically warrants growth in maturity. Now I laugh at how absurd an idea that is because one way or the other, we are just children in a bigger world.

When we were young, we had no responsibility hence our freedom to be ourselves without too much thought but the more we grow, the more we fit into molds made for us by I don't know who! Women learn to behave a certain way, and men do just the same because that's who society expects us to be.

Even the so-called rule breakers all behave a certain way because they have been programmed to believe that to break the rules, you must fit a certain mold. Therefore dispelling the notion of being different because in a bid to be different, we all end up being the same- different!

This is the paradox of life. Nothing is really what it seems and everything is subject to change, except God of course.

The rest of our existence is just a vicious cycle of trying to be different only to end up being the same. Children in a bigger playground! I call dibs on the candy lol!


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