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Should I hate marriage?

Someone asked me if I hate marriage... Yes, I was actually asked if I hate marriage. I couldn't help but laugh at the question because who honestly hates marriage? The more I thought of it though, the more I tried to understand why that would be their general impression of me in that regard!

I love marriage or at least the thought of it as I have not been married before. However, what I have an issue with is people viewing marriage as some sort of destination. The mentality of arrivalism because one has been married(wedded) is what really irks me so very much. Because you see, for a very long time I believed that marriage was some sort of major accomplishment!!!

Don't get me wrong, maybe it is for certain people who have allowed society to let them believe it is. For this reason, many people will readily put their lives, even themselves on hold because they're looking to settle down. They continually mold themselves into who they hope the person they'll settle down with will want them to be. I totally disagree with that because then why have we been made individuals?

If your individual traits cannot get you that which you think you're looking for, then you're simply a mold of societal expectation!

And because everyone is trying to be the person that gets hooked based on what they think is required of them, the world lacks so much originality! There is too much 'fake' going around in the name of getting hooked. I believe you can only be someone else for so long. Very soon, and I mean very soon, it will frustrate you so much that the very thing you thought you wanted- so badly- will become the thing you try to get rid of!

Why you ask? Because you were made to be you not who everyone else thinks you should be. Therefore, in relation to the above question, if marriage is a pit stop in life's journey in which individuality is not crushes out of insecurity bred in selfishness, I will celebrate it but if a person marries trying to fit into society's mold, then I will raise dust about it.

Either way, marriage is a beautiful thing: get married for the right reason!


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