Friday, September 9, 2016

If I ever find you anywhere near my man, I will kill you!!!

"If I ever find you anywhere near my man, I will kill you!!!"

Hehehehe, that's my very evil laugh!

Who makes statements like that? And why? Who told people they can own people? I don't mean that any other way but sarcastically!

It really beats me that a woman, in her right state of mind would fight with another woman, over a man! Really sister, really? There cannot be a valid reason to do that. I get that sometimes some women try and overstep into 'your man's life but darling, no one bewitched him into likinh them. And no, contrary to popular belief, I don't think that when a man strays, it's entirely your responsibility as a woman.

It always takes two to tangle. If a man finally strays it's because he's been entertaining thoughts of straying and decided to act it out. Whether he thought it through or not, is entirely on him. He may have thought it through, he may have not. Again, I don't think there's anything you could have done to force him into straying.

I'm not saying shift the blame, I'm simply saying each one plays a part and each one should acknowledge that! I'm so tired of people assigning blame to everyone but themselves! Grow up! Take responsibility for your choices! Grown up adults cannot be forced to do certain things, you ultimately always have choice! Always! So choose and choose wisely!

And once the choice has been made, take responsibility for it! Whether you're a woman or a man, you have the ability and faculties to make up your mind soundly. So the next time you take any decisions, think through them and be ready to live up to what comes with the you choice make because let's face it, you're grown up!!! So be grown up!

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