Tuesday, February 24, 2015


This Sunday I visited at a Church which is not my regular Church to fellowship with them. It was, different like really different. Religion and faith aside it was different.
The sermon was superb with the preacher talking about divine visitation, why and how it happens then he summed it up with intercession for our nation that God would visit our institutions. It was well delivered and he kept time which is a big issue for me.

Anyhow, before offertory time the choir did a rendition of Detrick Haddon’s Amen and boy or boy, my ears were under prepared for what then ensued. It was brutal, brutal, brutal like literally speaking. The female tenor pitched not sang through the song. The soprano was too soft, the alto guy was too loud and the instruments were double loud. So the lead singer had to shout to out compete the instruments and I was seated near one of the speakers.

The shocker for me was that there were no monitors near the choir so they by no means could have guessed what they sounded like but even more I looked around and I seemed to be the only uncomfortable person in the place. Everyone else was enjoying or not minding the performance. The people in the sound booth seemed unbothered by the volume levels of the different things happening. It was really strange for me.

So I had service, finished, moved out but the performance kept bellowing in my head like woaah! I am still asking myself what, how? And its not that I expected to hear Detrick himself but I atleast would have hoped to hear something neat and practiced. I am not in any way saying they did not practice the song because I am sure a lot of time and effort was put into preparation for the special but mayne no! they could have and should have done better.

I’m pretty sure that practice cannot have sounded much different from what was delivered but was it that they were super excited about the song or that that’s usually how it is?
I really sometimes wish that as the body of Christ we could aspire to greater things because really, if some unsaved person that is crazy about music passed by during the performance, they would not have thought twice about continuing to where they were going.

We have been gifted tremendously in this Kingdom of God but we need to step up and steward our gifting accordingly. The singer can have vocal training or just do their own vocal exercise though its more motivating as a team. The team leaders (read music directors) should determine what the choir can do and what they cannot do. If the song has not been nailed at practice, the performance won’t just magically become good. Choose another song better suited to the choir’s level of vocal maturity and be wise about which back-ups stand on the microphones.

Find out individual singers’ strengths and weaknesses and place them strategically on the team for a full, beautiful sound. Not every singer can lead a song and not every singer can back up especially not if they have not had the necessary training as a singer. Every singer has a different vocal range and vocal maturity and should therefore be helped accordingly and placed strategically.
But hey, that’s just what I think. Have a beautiful week people!

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