Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The valley of decision is quite the place to be. It can be very irritating and yet very hilarious at the same time. Lately I have found myself at such a place where the crossroads are so extreme that whichever route I choose to take leaves a permanent impression on me psychologically. Heck even emotionally, it has taken its toll on me.

It is in this valley of decision that I have met the most selfish elements of people I hardly expected and the most loving elements still of people I have not expected. I have watched people who thought my life depended on them dwindle into hardly the dusty residue of a high speed car on life’s freeway. I have equally watched people who were just but a speck graduate into such amazing sources of support that cannot be neglected.

I would like to believe that life is made up of three kinds of people. Those who impact you, those you impact and those who waste your time. Every category has the right to exist right where they are in regard to you as a person and each category is useful. However, one has to learn where to strike the balance between who they impact, who impacts them and who does not necessarily make a difference.

I fear that I have gotten to the point where the people who do not make a difference, I have to literally push to the side and ignore them because in this valley of decision, they are the cause of unnecessary stress. Yes, I totally mean that.
Obviously people will have opinions but I reserve the right to take what is important and discard whatever else does not build me.

If there is one thing I am grateful for though, it is the companionship of the Spirit of God. For every time people have decided to be fake and selfish, he has been super cool and selfless. Oh yes He has and has made it even so much easier for me to trust Him and His will and wait for those who He has deemed relevant to my season.

I believe that every single amazing person has not found their way into my life by chance but by the guidance and leadership of the Spirit of God. So while I may say this season has shown me the hearts of man, it has also shown me a gracious God who uses men to bless men. I have encountered God in people in the most powerful of ways and I have come to the realization that man is extremely frail and powerless. I have also come to the realization that man wielded to the will of God is unstoppable and able to do pretty much all things through Christ who strengthens us.

If you ever find yourself in the valley of decision, don’t be moved by the storm but be confident that the God you serve, He’s saved people before and He will not let you die in your movie. Cheers!!!

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