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Tribute to time-wasters

Its been such a long time since yours truly sat down to blog and amazingly the time that it occurs to me to do so; am doing exams. Hahaha.

Lately i've been a big spectator of life lol(and if you knew me, you'd know how much work that is for me). My choleric side has only been active in throwing chucks for people and the lovely sanguine in me has continued to be her colourful adorable self.

Over the last few years, i have been exposed to all kinds of people. Some who have improved or rather bettered my perception of certain things and some who have totally not understood a single thing about me. Others have been parasites, who only know how to feed off of me and then there are those that have been down-right time wasters. Today in this post, i pay tribute to the horrible time wasters that have been and continue to be part of my life.

Some of y'all actually know what an unnecessary consumption of time you are and yet somehow deep down i think you just hope i don't realise i don't really need you. Then there's the lot that think they have a right to flood my life with loads of negativity. I really don't understand the need to be so negative about everything. You should by now have realised that nobody likes a negative person(you know the type that walks into the room and you get instant depression). Get over yourself, stop grumbling about life and appreciate the fact that you could have been dead but instead you're very alive.

Anyhow, back to the time-wasters. I applaud you for being such insistent people who add no value to others and don't seem to have a problem with that but y'all really need to style up. When you realise you presence and even absence make no difference in someone's life, get on up and leave. Find someone you can add value to instead of continuing to hang around people who tolerate you.

And those of you who have these elements in your circle, let them go instead of holding them to the hope that maybe one day something can become of what is not cuz that really does not(even in the slightest) make any sense. Stop feeling bad about letting them go because they really need to be let go of so they can learn to stand on their own. Lol

Now i feel like am writing a whole newspaper article so i'm gonna stop here. A moment of silence for time wasters. We love y'all but you really need to grow up and move on to where you can be appreciated.



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