Thursday, June 13, 2013


Recently alot of my friends have decided to call me mean in regard to my use of sarcasm but those of you who know a thing or two about sarcam agree with me that its an extremely interesting phenomenon. *Whispering; and its so much fun to use when people get what you mean.

I gotta admit sometimes it just happens cuz am real used to it but there are also those instances where the only way you can actually pass on a particular sentiment is by being sarcastic about it. That moment when you say something, that otherwise would have been considered real mean with a smile on your face and a beautiful sarcastic twist, and in the process provide safe landing for your sentiment.

Its real frustrating though when people take everything you say personal. Recently someone confronted me about why i hate them and i really, honestly had no idea what they were talking about until they started to count moments "sarcasm-directed-against them" off their finger tips. And that right there, caught me off-guard.

I would like to think that some things are too harsh to be said the way they are and unfortunately some people are just down-right blunt. I am that type of person; i call it as i see it. No beating about the bush. And more often than not people want you to be honest with them but don't know how to take the honesty when you give it to them. So many times i find myself confused, not sure whether to go ahead say something and risk hurting someone's feelings or just keep quiet about it till someone else mentions it. For instance that moment when one of your girls walks into a room literally looking like she fought her make-up onto her face and everyone is snickering about it. Do you ignore it and laugh about it behind her back or do you find a not very blunt way to tell her?

So the way i see it, its either one or the other and i would take sarcasm any day over bluntness but thats just my opinion.

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