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The Summer!!!

Arua Hill

After you’ve spent two whole months without sitting down to write, getting back into it is harsh. Literally, I mean. Just doing this right now, I have to push myself because I’m counting the words. It’s been a great break from writing and my normal routine.

The summer!!! Quite the break! I have enjoyed myself entirely and also. I’m not certain if I’m looking forward to going back to work as some days I can’t help but be excited and others, anxiety is all I feel. I know it’s probably the usual feeling of breaking out of one routine and fitting back into another. The mind always takes a bit to adjust or readjust itself to what comes next.

When my holiday started, I was pumped cuz I really just needed a break from what had been my routine for six months. I really just needed a break. Anyway so the first week took some adjusting seeing as I was up at the usual time every morning only to realise that I had so much time on my hands that I had not really planned for. Yeah, sometimes I’m weird like that!

By the second week, it was time to do something. So I took a road trip to Tororo to see my Mummy with my sibblings and we had such a fabulous time. From visiting Watoto Village Ssubi to climbing Tororo rock, to going to check out Sipi falls in Kapchorwa and finally Miriadua falls in Arua… Believe me when I say I had a fabulous time. The Chronicles are upcoming.

I came to the realization that Uganda is such a beautiful place and like the typical Ugandan, I had and still have not been to so many of these breathtakingly beautiful places. I have made a pact with myself to change that as soon as yesterday and so far so good. I’m loving seeing our Country and just marveling at where I have not been all these years.

I see I’m getting back into character lol. A toast to all the struggling writers out there. Did I mention that I’ve been reading quite a bit… Anyway, all that and more coming up real soon. I look forward to downloading my mind here real soon.


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