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Are you really who you are?

Everyone is worth something; believe it or not. It is imperative to know that, your worth is not attached to anything but rather what you believe.

A lot of people go through life constantly attaching their worth to one thing or another because they don’t know how else to live. If it’s not one thing then it’s the other.

I think association of worth to things or people is foundational in growth but mostly for children because it assists them in defining who they are by where they belong. Children own their parents and their parents achievements which is okay but once one is out of that phase, they must learn to stand on their own two feet.

I believe that all behavioural patterns are in one way or the other tied to our need for belonging. Be it to a family, a peer group, a social class, religious group or even a facebook group.

We have subconsciously been conditioned to believe that we must belong somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, belonging is a good thing but it should never come at the expense of self worth. One should never have to tie their identity to the group they belong to.

Behave like the Romans alright but know who you are outside of that circle of indoctrination.

Survival of the species(and I mean you), is 100% dependant on who you think you are. If you believe you’re a loser, then a loser you’ll be. You won’t need anyone to help you feel like one because your mind has already been conditioned against you by what you chose. Same thing with winners: The reason certain people stay standing despite the storm is because they’ve conditioned their minds to winning status.

Do they not have bad days? By all means but you see, even if a storm rages on the outside and you’re confident on the inside, your resolve to survive will surpass the raging tempests determined to tear you apart.

You as an individual must very deliberately choose to know yourself outside of your associations, filters and societal expectations because your life depends on it. I’m not making it sound more serious than it should, if anything I wish I could make my words even heavier. 

Take some time, even five minutes to expose yourself to yourself. Pull yourself apart. Try and understand yourself without denying the unbecoming little specks in your character and beliefs. Establish the root of who you think you are vs who you think you’re meant to be vs who you really are.

If this does not give you perspective and help you clear your mind, then you know something is dangerously up that needs your urgent attention.

For now, let’s see how that works. I look forward to hearing your mind. Adieu my awesome people.


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