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About Guardian Angels

This post is about a very special someone who has proved on more than one occasion to be a shoulder I can lean on with no judgement.
Life has a way of causing our paths to cross with some of the most amazing and definitely also fake people. Today I write about someone who keeps teaching me, without even trying, the value of a friend. I won’t be so bold as to call him my best-friend so I’ll stick with guardian angel.
I don’t know if you’ve ever had seasons where you don’t seem to understand yourself and you hardly would blame people for steering clear of you. Sometimes you even make it easier and stay away from them so they won’t have to feel obligated to carry your burden.
Yeah. I know. That’s some very deep emotional ish. I have had seasons like that.
See I’m not a crier and I’m not a person who looks for sympathy either. I have taught myself over the years to look out for me and deal with myself without necessarily drawing anyone in. So, one day a few years back, I met this gorgeous man. My intention was to learn about a particular field of interest from him and yes, I did learn and I still am learning about it.
What beat me though, was how I comfortable I was around him. I’ve had more than one season where he has allowed to hold my hand. Seasons that under normal circumstances would drive one to the point of insanity. Today, it hit me hard. He has no obligation whatsoever to me. Nothing ties him to me. Yet he has stayed and been kind, helpful, thoughtful and caring.
Of course I have not done a single thing to deserve that. So today I celebrate my very own guardian angel. I won’t mention his name cuz I’m selfish like that but when you do read this my dear guardian angel, know this:
I appreciate you. I applaud your kindness. I know I can never repay you but I pray that this token will be somewhat of a thank you. I dig you and I am so very glad that God caused our paths to cross. I drink to your health, wealth, success- if you may and to many more blessings for you!!!


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